18 - 2007


I’m in the process of compiling costs on a variety of different eco-conscious toilet paper (or TP — I was surprised recently to see on a blog that a commenter hadn’t seen that abbreviation before. Didn’t s/he go to high school?).

That process isn’t quite finished, but in preliminary results, King Soopers’ current sale on Seventh Generation toilet paper is in second place for all prices — right behind Kirkland’s super-un-PC variety (that’s “politically correct,” if any of you happened to miss the 1990s and haven’t seen that abbreviation).

At least at my local store, King’s has Seventh Generation for $2.39 a four-pack. The great deal comes if you add a $1 off coupon. Print your coupon at www.seventhgeneration.com. (Click on the coupons link on the left.) The program allowed me to print two copies of the coupon before it cut me off.

Oh, and remember — use BOTH coupons and buy two packages. Stocking up on sale is a key tenet for saving the big bucks!

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