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Money Saving Mom Site Review

Money Saving Mom is one of the largest personal finance blogs on the Internet. Owner Crystal Paine started the blog to share grocery store and drugstore deals with a smaller number of readers. The blog has experienced tremendous growth, and tens of thousands of readers now flock to Money Saving Mom each day.

If you search the Internet today, you will find thousands of blogs about frugal living, saving money and using coupons. However, Money Saving Mom’s popularity stemmed from the fact that it was one of the first blogs of this type. Blogger Crystal Paine writes about personal finance with a personal, simple touch. This makes her accessible to her target audience–moms who may or may not have any formal training in financial topics.

Crystal is happily married and has three children. She is a homeschooling mom who is also passionate about nutrition and natural living. Newcomers to Money Saving Mom will notice that Paine is a committed Christian who shares openly about her faith. Comments on Money Saving Mom are heavily moderated, so each comment is approved before it is posted. Money Saving Mom is committed to being a positive, upbeat blog, so overly negative comments or attacks are not permitted.

money saving mom book

Money Saving Mom was built to share store and coupon deals, and these areas still make up a large portion of the blog postings. The site is updated numerous times each day with hot deals. Readers can learn how to use their coupons to get personal care items for pennies from CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid and other drugstores. Online deals, magazine deals and numerous other bargains are also included.

One section on Money Saving Mom that might not be noticed by casual readers is the vast Grocery Deals section. In this area of the website, bloggers post grocery deals weekly for regional stores that are not nationwide chains. Stores are covered from Albertson’s to Winn Dixie, so you will likely be able to find deals and coupon match-ups for your favorite grocery store.

Although Money Saving Mom started by giving store deals, Paine now offers a healthy dose of financial advice on her blog. She gained popularity after announcing that she and her husband were able to pay 100 percent cash for their first home. The couple is committed to living a debt-free lifestyle. They credit Christian finance personality Dave Ramsey with giving them the tools to succeed. Due to her blog’s popularity and her husband’s career as an attorney, the couple enjoys a high income level.

Some of Money Saving Mom’s most popular posts involve homemaking, homeschooling and cooking. The site offers healthy, budget-friendly recipes with pictures. Paine also posts updates and challenges for keeping your home clean and organized. These practical posts have made Money Saving Mom relevant and accessible to moms who are busy raising young children. At least one exciting giveaway is offered to readers each week. Prizes have ranged from an iPad to organic baby toys.

In January 2012, Crystal Paine released her first book, “The Money Saving Mom’s Budget.” The book debuted as one of the top sellers on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble. Paine explains that the book is full of practical advice and encouragement. Some sections of the book might be controversial, since Paine advocates a cash-only system. She is a strong critic of all credit card usage.

If you are looking for a practical, easy-to-read blog with relevant financial advice, check out Moneysavingmom.com. All features of the website are free, and the wide variety of posts keeps the website upbeat and interesting.

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