13 - 2008

Friday wrap-up: Garden payoff, strawberry preserves and easy jam, awesome coupon site

This week, Free Money Finance wrote about MSN’s article on five foods it’s cheaper to grow and five foods it’s cheaper to buy. I added a comment that I think berries (strawberries) are cheaper to grow, and onions aren’t worth it (too space-hogging). What “crops” are worth it to you?

One of the biggest queries that brings readers to my blog is a search for how to make strawberry preserves. Get Rich Slowly posted about how to make small-batch jam, including strawberry preserves here, if you’re seeking another method. My favorite small-batch jam method, which he doesn’t mention, is cooking it in a bread machine. My bread machine cookbook has a couple recipes that can be adapted for any fruit – and they are good.

One of my readers, Sam @ Loving Green, subscribes to the Centsible Sawyer’s money-saving blog, and now I’ve subscribed too. CS does a great job of tracking down and listing deals. I have given up some of my more aggressive couponing because I am not buying things like personal care products as much, or I am seeking organic or non-plastic-packaged alternatives. But some deals on CS’s blog are applicable. And if you have CVS in your area, they apparently have great deals, which CS tracks.

Also recently, green living as the new survivalism has been in the news. I’ve thought about this, too, but I am hoping the key to actual survival is joining together — although I’m sure the doomsday folks have a good point about human nature. Last year, we had a tentative step in the cooperative direction in beginning to share a little produce with neighbors. I’d like to do more of that. Do you cooperate thanks to green living?

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