22 - 2009

Friday Wrap-Up: Furlough edition

Actually, I’m not furloughed today, but city employees are. That means that some of my friends and some of the services I frequent are closed for a four-day weekend to shave $1 million off our city budget. Enjoy the day off — and everyone else, enjoy the long weekend.

Here are some great resources from around the Web this week:

  • Looking for ways to learn more about the products you use? Try the Good Guide. Currently in beta, this site promises to expand its services that help consumers choose the best product for themselves, their home and the environment.
  • Organic Valley has coupons for a bunch of their organic products. Click, print and save on organic dairy (and soy) goodness.
  • New U.S. standards for automotive fuel efficiency are on the way. Now if only the prices of fuel-efficient vehicles will come down as their availability goes up ….
  • The Simple Dollar came up with 10 resources for finding cheap things to do this summer — great, free fun here.
  • And if you are wondering about the new credit card rules, I found two takes on how they will affect consumers here and here. My favorite provisions are that bills must be mailed 21 days before they are due, and that if your interest rate is raised because of a late payment, after you pay on time for six months, the rate must return to normal. Great way to protect a good person who made one mistake.
  • And for you Savers (in the United States and Australia) and Value Village (in Canada) fans, they have announced their next 50% off sale:  May 25 in the U.S. and Canada, June 1 in Australia. Shoppers, mark your calendars!

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