27 - 2007

Deal of the Week: What nobody’s buying after Thanksgiving …

I stopped in at our local supermarket this morning to replenish our cupboards, which were bare (or, in the case of the vegetable bins, moldy … argh) after our trip over Thanksgiving.

I peeked in at the meat section, because Mr. Cheap had requested I purchase some meat and garlic as his part of the groceries, and lo and behold! Sales galore.

Many of the store-branded Coleman natural meats were on manager’s special at 50% off. This means a two-pound natural beef roast, which usually rings in at $13 and change, was $6. We’ve enjoyed two of these roasts recently — thrown in the Crock Pot with some veggies, they make a super easy (and pretty cheap) dinner that satisfies local and organic requirements, as well as providing plenty of nutrition and saving energy (both our stove’s gas and my energy). I bought five for the freezer.

Natural chicken drumsticks also were on sale for $2 to $2.50 a package. One package (sans skin) went into the Crock Pot today for a rich chicken stock. Half the stock became chicken soup, perfect for a post-horseback-lesson warm meal. The other half went into the refrigerator to enrich some red beans and rice I’ll cook up on Thursday or so.

And the rest of the chicken? I hope to get some time this weekend to make chicken biryani. I can’t find a recipe that looks like the one from my super delicious South Indian cookbook, so that one will have to do.

Meanwhile, hurry to those back corners of your grocery store and buy up the bargains. Just be sure to use them or freeze them immediately so you haven’t wasted your food dollars.

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