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Deal of the Week: My old blender

A couple of months ago, I realized how much I’m enjoying making milkshakes (now that I’ve discovered the secret: a little milk, a little chocolate syrup [perfect with coffee ice cream], a lot of ice cream and some ice cubes) and smoothies in the blender, not to mention pesto and all the Indian food that demands blenderization. In fact, with a snazzy blender, one can blend all kinds of good things.

My blender isn’t snazzy. It’s an Oster that came into my life when I moved in with my husband in March 1995. He can’t remember how long it was around before that, but it has some fuzzy stickers on it from the Golden Bee, a Colorado Springs restaurant he went to a few times as a child.

So, it’s old, and it doesn’t always work so well to blend ice cubes. It also leaks green/grey goo from the bottom. I hopped online and started investigating a new blender. I went to Linens-N-Things and looked at new ones. In both brick-and-mortar and click-and-mortar establishments, there seem to be two options. The moderate-end blenders cost around $60 (these are from names like Kitchenaid, Braun and Cuisinart). The reliable blenders are the professional lines, and they cost about $250.

As I delved a little deeper, I wondered: Would we use a high-end, professional blender? Maybe someday. If we start farming, I could grind my own grain. Worth $250? No. I have a $200 mixer, and while a great aspect is that I anticipate I can use it my entire life, a pricey blender isn’t in the cards.

Then I started reading reviews. The reviews of blenders in the $60 range are super discouraging. They include things like “blades broke off,” “plastic gears stripped on the third use,” “smoke started coming out,” and “I was thrilled that this lasted 8 months – that’s better than any blender ever!”

With this perspective, I realized our blender isn’t so bad. My new plan: Spend about $12 to purchase two new rubber gaskets to seal the bottom better, and splurge on an ice-chopper blade. If I get really crazy, I’ll convince Mr. Cheap to sharpen the existing blades.

And on the green front, I saved all the energy required to make and ship a new blender to me.

Oster, sweet Oster.

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