15 - 2011

Choosing the best frequent flyer program

If you’re a real cheapskate, you hardly ever want to pay the going rate for airfare! In fact, paying below market rate can make the difference between going on vacation or not. Our family experienced this first-hand this spring — the three of us flew from Denver to New York City for about $225 round-trip — total! We combined frequent flyer miles accumulated over several years, plus bonus miles for opening a new credit card (closed after the first year to avoid the annual fee). We used the minimum miles for a free flight by purchasing our tickets 6 months in advance. In fact, most of our fees came from the charges for transferring miles from my account to my husband’s so his account could pay for two tickets instead of one.

If you’re thinking about joining one (or more) frequent flyer programs, how do you choose? The folks at have put together this infographic to help:

Frequent Flyer Miles: Which Airline is the Best?
Original infographic source:

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