14 - 2007

Weekly Wrap-Up: College loans and home values

This week, the Dear College Girl blog reports on changes to college funding options for students. Pell Grants (for broke-r students) have new maximums, and interest rates on need-based student loans will be cut in half gradually over the next four years. In addition, the new laws include loan forgiveness for certain professions (like teaching and firefighting) after 10 years of service. Dear College Girl links to a New York Times article for more details. Thank your Congressperson, and watch the news for more info.
Is your house an investment? The debate goes on at Free Money Finance — with some added information from Money magazine. Read the comments on this one for details on both (all?) points of view. I view my home as an investment in the sense that if I pay it off, I can be house-payment-free in my achy golden years. Or I can do as my grandparents did: In their mid-70s, they sold their home and bought a less-expensive, one-story home for cash, investing the difference to pay for taxes and upkeep on the new place.

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