16 - 2012

Accept Card Payments Directly from your Phone

Cell phones at one point were only used to send and receive calls. Now, you can run a business practically from your mobile device. Maybe you own a business, or need a reliable way to accept credit cards and payments while selling furniture out of your home? Here is a overview of some mobile credit card processing services, and how your business can benefit from them.

Most mobile credit card processing services are not only easy to setup, but the start-up cost are usually free or minimal. Some of the services such as Square take out a percentage of each one of your transactions (i.e. Square receives 2.75% per swipe). The great thing about having a service like this is that everything is fast, easy to use, and very organized to run like a legitimate business. Let’s say for example, you sell your friend a record player. He can swipe his debit or credit card, you receive the funds, and a receipt can be sent instantly to his or her cell phone via a text message. Most major credit cards are accepted, you can add tax or tips, manage and view you transactions, and even issue refunds all from the comfort of your phone. The network is highly secured using SSL Encryption, it is PCI compliant, and stores no credit card information on the phone. Just imagine your customer never has to worry about bringing cash to your place of business again!

Now that you understand how this service works, you may be wondering, what is the best service to use? There are quite a few out there like Square, Intuit, Flagship Roampay, Leaders, Chase Paymentech, and many more. The best approach is to take a few minutes to research and see which service suits your needs. Some services give the mobile reader away free such as Square, while Chase Paymentech charges extra. Another tip whenever you using these mobile services is to go over the fees for swiping a credit card or keying it in. Be make sure to note the down the fees for each method, and compare accordingly.

One service might have no obligations or major signup process, and other services such as Intuit may ask to run a credit check. You want to find a service you will love, but sometimes depending on your business, you might use more than one. Maybe you have a phone like a Blackberry that does not run with Square, but works excellent with the Leader’s service. Pick the best service for your business. Many people prefer to use Flag Roampay. It has a variety of features such as different gateway terminals, it’s very intuitive, and can save business owners probably the most money a year than any other mobile processing service. However, do not let this sway your opinion. Simply visit a few companies, and do your research.

Hopefully, this article has shown you how using a mobile credit card processing service can really help your business. There is no need to no longer buy an expensive credit card reader, or lose a potential customer when there is no cash available. Take advantage of the great services out there, and take your business to the next level.

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