18 - 2008

Re-use jeans, lazy green – Friday wrap

Great ways to re-use jeans

Tipnut this week posted links to things to do with old jeans, and the timing couldn’t be better. The other day, I was going through my fabric bin, looking for material to make a Colonial dress for Little Cheap, and she said,

Are those old JEANS? Why do you have pants in your sewing bin?

Well, they are too worn out to donate to Goodwill … and too heavy to throw away … but now I foresee a craft bucket, a skirt, a camera cozy, perhaps a microwave heating pad and a snack tote. Whoo hoo!

‘It’s so lazy being green’

I loved this essay in the Los Angeles Times about how being lazy can equate to being green … as long as you still recycle. It explains why we, too, enjoy trash-picking, and why our beige lawn is simply testimony to our environmentally sensitive lifestyle. However, I am still yearning for a nice sectional couch to spruce up/streamline our living room, and while I’ve looked and looked on Craigslist, the one Costco is selling appears to be just the ticket …

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