3 - 2009

Friday super wrap-up! Blizzard edition

This week, the Web has held so many great posts and articles that we are overdue for not just a wrap-up, but a SUPER wrap-up! I hope there’s something here to appeal to everyone.

Make your own padded envelopes

I am working toward mailing with paper instead of plastic, but if you have a big bag of bubble wrap lingering from your last move, or a shipment of extra-fragile doodads, here’s a tutorial from Swirlythoughts on making your own padded envelopes — pictured with cute paper on the envelope.

Rainbarrel how-to

If you live in Fargo, N.D., you probably never want to think about precipitation again. But for everyone else, spring and summer are just around the corner, and it’s a wonderful time to consider reclaiming rain to water your garden later, instead of just feeding the gutters. Lighter Footstep published a how-to on setting up a rainbarrel. Many municipalities encourage rainwater harvesting to cut down on water processing costs and chemicals. But here in Colorado, for instance, rainwater harvesting is technically illegal — so check local laws first.

More orangutans than previously thought

This is great news for orangutans — apparently, researchers have found a previously unknown colony of up to 1,000 orangutans in Borneo! And that’s a lot of ape when the total orangutan population might be under 50,000. Long-time readers will remember Mlle. Cheap’s (the child formerly known as Little Cheap’s) birthday party last year was an orangutan benefit.

Feeling stinky?

Speaking of smelly primates … how about making your own stick deodorant? This recipe from Little House in the Suburbs looks promising, with its combination of antibacterial and odor-absorbing qualities. Has anyone tried something like this?

Use it up, wear it out …

Craft’s blog focused in March on “Mending Month.” This page has a rundown of all the posts with lots of tips on how to mend your stuff so you can wear it out ALL the way.

One more way to eliminate plastic bags

Repurposeful this week wrote about these hand-crafted, reusable snack bags. In the comments section, a reader asked for and received a link to a tutorial on making your own reusable snack sacks.

Recycled yarn … made from cat litter?!

I know we have some knitters reading this blog (yours truly among them). Did you see this fabulous article at Knitter’s Review? If not, read it for a Friday smile.

Meanwhile, although it’s nearly 60 degrees outside in Denver, we’ve been told to expect a foot of snow tomorrow. Events are being canceled, and I hope I’ll have a chance to enjoy the stack of DVDs we checked out from the library yesterday. Have a relaxing weekend, everyone. And that’s … a wrap!

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