15 - 2010

Blog Wrap-up: Reusable Hand-Warmers DIY

Things are busy around here, and I continue to have some issues with auto-publishing — so here’s a post I meant to have out last week, better late than never!

This week, I loved these blog posts – hope you will too!

  • Condo Blues wrote about how-to instructions from Craft Stylish for making your own reusable (heat in the microwave) hand-warming mittens. Condo Blues points out that the disposable version are, well, disposable, not to mention made of plastic, not to mention made of who-knows-what that she might not want her dog to find and munch on. The Craft Stylish version look easy-peasy, and they’re filled with rice. Some commenters suggest making removable warmers that fit into a pouch in the glove, so you can take them out to wash the glove. Of course, these won’t work for activities like hunting or camping (unless you travel with a microwave?), but they’re perfect for a walk or a shovel in the snow.
  • And Chiot’s Run wrote at Simple, Green, Frugal Co-Op about learning new DIY skills — in this case, her husband replaced the brakes on their car. So far at our house we’ve drawn the line at car repairs … but who knows, maybe someday. (Probably not. But … let’s leave it at maybe.)

Have you picked up any amazing new DIY skills you never thought you’d learn?

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