10 - 2014

How to get huge discounts on make-up accessories

There are tons of different types of make-up to choose from. It sometimes feel like you are in a jungle or a maze with no way out due to so many options. There are different shades, different types, different textures, the list goes on and on. Sometimes we tend to forget that make-up is not the only headache, you also need accessories to apply that make-up.makeup_1

The problem is that these accessories can be as expensive as the make-up itself. And you sure want to save money on it, but sometimes do not know how. At Sigma beauty online store you can save as much money as you wish. Ok, not as much as you wish, because then you would want everything to be free, but you can definitely can get big discounts. Look at this deal, for example, where you get up to 40% off make-up accessories by using Sigma beauty coupons.

The amount of accessories to choose from is divine. Today we will look into two different items: brush care and brush storage, and what you can get for your dollars. We start with brush care, where you can choose from different brush cleaning gloves. We choose the standard option that is not too fancy but definitely does the job – Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove for 35$. With Sigma coupon code you can reduce the original price to 21$. That is almost twice as little as you would have paid originally.

Now we go to brush storage section. Most of the brush cases at Sigma store go at the price of 29$ so it really depends on your taste which one you prefer to buy. I always suggest buying everything in black rather than white because it does not get dirty that fast, plus it always look classy no matter what you wear or which purse you are carrying with you. Hence, you can choose Brush Case – Black for 29$, and then you can redeem your discount with Sigma beauty coupon code that is 40%. In the end, you end up paying 17.4$ for a brush case that was originally almost 30$. The savings with Sigma coupons 2014 are rather spectacular, because they do not end at accessories section – there are discounts literally for every item there is at the store, so if you decide to do a big shopping for make-up and its accessories at Sigma, your savings can reach incredible amounts, and you are probably no stranger to extra money and know what to do with it. My suggestion would be spend it on anything you love, be it a lovely bottle of wine and a dinner for two, or maybe you want new sweatpants that you can wear while watching your favorite soap opera from the comfort of your couch.

All in all, beauty does come at a price, and to sustain the good quality of your make-up and especially your brushes, you have to take a good care of them. Therefore, you should spare a few dollars for these items, and if you can get a discount with Sigma coupons, even better.

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