7 - 2013

5 Products You Should Stop Buying

Life being expensive as is it, we should all be looking for ways to cut on costs. Have some second thoughts on a few of the products we buy on a regular basis is a good way to get started: Some of them are plain useless expenses. Here are five products you should try and stop buying.bragueta

Dryer Sheets

They may make your clothes smell good and feel good, but dryer sheets can now be considered an useless expense, thanks to aluminum foil. As a matter of fact, a ball of aluminum foil paper thrown in your dryer with your batch of laundry will do the exact same thing as a dryer sheet – minus the good smell. Your clothes will be soft and 100% static free. And you can reuse your little aluminum ball hundreds of times!

You can also pour half a cup of plain white vinegar in your washing mashing during the rinse cycle: It’s another great and cheap way to remove static-cling and to make your clothes softer.

Bottled Water

Not only buying bottled water is bad for the environment, it is also bad for your wallet. Why spending money on something that is available in your kitchen for free? If you don’t like the taste of your tap water, filter it yourself: Pour tap water in a transparent glass container. Put it on a shelf next to a window where there’s plenty of sunlight. After a few days, substances like chlorine, copper or mercury will naturally evaporate out of the water, thanks to the power of sunrays. Boiling your tap water is also a great way to purify it, or you could also buy a carbon filter and fix it directly to your tap.

Individually-Packed Food Items

Individually packed food items gives the impression to be more convenient when, in fact, they are wasteful and expensive; not to mention that over-packaging is a serious environmental issue. Buy your food in large quantities and make your individual portions yourself! Granted, it’ll demand a bit more work, but the savings you’ll make on the long run will make it worth your while.

Lottery Tickets

Although the idea of winning several million dollars is appealing, truth is, you have more chances to be struck by lightning than to win the lottery. Think about it: If you buy one lottery ticket a week for 5 dollars, that’s 260 dollars spent in a year… Why not put this money aside, in a savings account? You’ll make more money by doing this than by buying a ticket that gives you about 1 chance in a billion to ever win the jackpot!

Cleaning Products

There’re so many homemade and cheap alternatives to commercial cleaning products that, really, there’s no point in buying them at all anymore. I was talking about white vinegar as a replacement for fabric softener earlier in this post. Well, white vinegar is remarkably polyvalent and can be used any many other ways for cleaning your house. Mixed with water, it’ll make a good counter top cleaner, killing mold and bacteria just as well as a commercial product would do. Mixed with baking soda, it will deodorize your garbage. For other white vinegar uses, check out the Vinegar Tips website.

Mireille is a travel, music and theater enthusiast. She wrote for the stage and television, and is now working as a freelance blogger for Standard Life, a leading long-term investment and savings company providing quality retirement products to Canadians.

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