7 - 2012

Ways to Simplify your Life

Back in the old days, fun times involved being with family and friends and not spending hardly any money. People conserved their money in those days as salaries were not high dollar and there weren’t credit cards to pay. People lived happily on what they had and nothing more.

Today, much has changed and people tend to spend more and even pay people to do things they could do themselves. Credit cards have become a common use in households and charging things they may want or need has become a habit.

We all want life to be easier than it is now and going back to some of the old day fun and spending more time with those closest to you can help you save a lot of money and make life easier on yourself.

Instead of making dinner reservations to fancy, expensive restaurant, why not have a cookout or have some friends or family over and everyone brings a dish. It saves not only money but time. Let the children help out with the cooking and preparation, setting up the picnic table or family table. More than likely, not only will the food be better and healthier, but the family happier.

Does all that money you spend on the gym membership ever bother you? Why not spend more time doing some family things together that is full of activity without the expense. Taking a nice bike ride, going swimming, shooting the basketball with the kids, playing a game of croquet or volleyball in the backyard can be just as much fun and cost a lot less than a gym membership.

Getting rid of credit cards can not only ease a financial burden but ease your mind. It’s best to get rid of the cards and limit yourself to one or two. Keep one that is a low interest card in case you find something you need and can pay off over a time period without the interest accruing. If you have a lot of cards, try to do some balance transfers from the higher interest rate cards to the lower cards. Simplify your credit spending!

What ever happened to good old family night? Bringing some of that back into the home can make you feel much more relaxed and in touch with the family. Dedicate one night to no television and computer and have the kids choose some games to play as a group or even splitting up into teams for some fun. Pop a bag of popcorn and have a few soft drinks and enjoy the family fun night at home!

Have some fun with nature and get outside! How about teaching the kids about gardening, pests and plants? Let the kid’s plant a flower garden or a vegetable and fruit garden and teach them all about plants, harvesting food, and all that goes along with it. At the end of the day, they will enjoy getting to go out and help mom and dad help fresh vegetables from a garden they were part of planning.

Simplifying your life can be easy, just think about what those simple things are and try them one more time!

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