21 - 2008

Green culture and kids

This morning, Little Cheap was playing “bookstore.” I went into the “store” to choose some books and toys for my fictitious niece, Duck, who fictitiously likes birds and elephants.

The shopkeeper, Aryana (we’ll discuss the political implications of that spelling later), made some recommendations for me to purchase, including the book “Duck for President” (“it’s hilarious, even for adults”) and a toy elephant.

I handed over my toy money. She wrote up a receipt. Then she put my purchases into an American Girl bag that I accepted in New York to hold our American Girl purchase, so that Little Cheap could have it as a souvenir.

This bag does not come from my store,” the “shopkeeper” said. “I use all bags that I’ve gotten from other places. I’m doing the ‘green project’ this year.”

She said “green project” complete with finger-punctuation marks.

I know she’s getting the “green project” from me. But this exchange made me think that she’s noticing it in the world, too.

How do you see “green projects” affecting kids? Or not? Is there hope, yet?

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