16 - 2015

FREE Fun Family Activities… That Cost Nothing

free-fun-family-activitesEach day, ordinary people are discovering free fun family activities that allow them to turn an average day into an extraordinary adventure. While it is true that going to a theme park, enjoying a day at the zoo, and catching a movie at the theater are all still considered to be popular activities among families, it is also true that discovering free, enjoyable activities is quickly gaining in popularity. In a world plagued by inflation, a lack of full time jobs, and fewer savings, it is not at all uncommon to find that several million families across the nation are now actively enjoying a wide array of activities that cost absolutely nothing! Here, you will be introduced to several free fun family activities that are appropriate for all ages!

Create a Family Blog

One of the most enjoyable free fun family activities in this day and age is to create a family blog. A blog that is centered on your family will allow you to capture important moments in each of your lives and share those moments with family members and friends, around the world. Today, there are several free blogging platforms that will allow your family to share special events, thoughts, feelings, pictures and memories, with ease. Best of all, there are many ways to monetize a family blog so that it makes a little cash!

Create a Facebook Page

Facebook is a social media platform that is quickly gaining in popularity. In fact, it is the one website that most families have in common. If you and your children are active Facebook users, why not join forces and create your own Facebook Page? One of the most enjoyable free fun family activities is creating a family-oriented Facebook Page where you scan all of your family pictures and place them in various albums on the page. Not only is this a wonderful way to come together as a family, it is a great way to preserve the history of your family – for FREE!

Get Outdoors

When searching for free fun family activities, you will find that getting outdoors and performing ordinary, everyday tasks is a wonderful way to bond as a family. Throw on your baseball gloves and play catch, take your dog for a walk, throw the Frisbee back and forth, play a little golf, try a little outdoor yoga, or even visit a local park! There are many exciting things that may be done in the great outdoors, at absolutely NO cost, whatsoever!


In today’s world, it is imperative that you save as much of your money as possible. Given the complications facing our nation, such as the lack of full-time jobs, reduction in employer benefits, and inflation, more and more families are struggling to even meet their basic needs. Having additional money to splurge on activities is not possible for most. However, that should not stop you from having a great time with the people that you love! By following the ideas in this guide, you are sure to come up with a large number of free fun family activities that are perfect for anyone, of any age!

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