28 - 2007

A day in the life …

Several bloggers are jumping on board a “day in the life” theme, and I thought I’d join them. Be forewarned, it’s full of thrills and spills.


I picked yesterday, which turned out to be not so typical with a last-minute doctor’s appointment for Mr. Cheap that involved a lot of chauffeuring on my part. So we’ll start with yesterday, and wrap up with a typical day. It’s creative nonfiction for the calendar.


6:30 – Little Cheap and/or Schnauzer Cheap wake us up singing/noisily yawning. Mr. Cheap complains his face is frozen since I’ve turned the heat down to 55 at night.


6:45 – I get up, drink a glass of water, pull wet laundry out of the washer from last night, and put a new load of laundry in the high-efficiency washing machine. (Going to take advantage of the warmest day of the week today for hanging out laundry.) Let out the dog. Turn off the electric blankets (but set Mr. Cheap’s to a slightly warmer setting for tonight). Take care of bathroom business using reusable cloth.


7:00 – Get dressed in workout clothes with good intentions of exercising after morning commitments. Boil water in the kettle and transfer it into a pot; finish cooking oatmeal for Little Cheap and me on the stove. Empty the dishwasher. Dump compost container from kitchen counter into large bin in the back yard.


7:30 – Open the curtains for natural light. Feed the dog and give him his antihistamines and fatty acids for his allergies. Turn on “happy light” (bright light for seasonal affective disorder) while eating breakfast. Join Little Cheap and Mr. Cheap, who’s cooked his own breakfast, to eat at the table.


7:45 – Wash face. Mix up some chocolate pudding and put it in a reusable container for Little Cheap to take for snack; fill her newish Sigg water bottle; pull wet clothes out of washing machine and put another load in; put dog in his crate and lock up.


8:15 – Take Little Cheap to school. Drop off bills in mailbox on the way and drop books at library on the way back.


9:00 – Go to the grocery store on the way home. Stock up on sale meats and organic veggies, dry beans, butter for holiday baking. Spent $46, saved $56. Brought cloth bags; reused produce bags. Splurge on a latte at Starbucks (true confessions: in a disposable cup; I forgot my cup). Ran into an old friend and caught up for a while, as she shared she is going through a divorce.


10:00 – At home, throw one package of chicken legs (minus skin), some chopped carrot and celery, last of the home-grown onions, and a bag of leftover peelings & trimmings (compiled as we go and stored in the freezer) into the Crock Pot for stock. Put chicken skin and packaging in a bag fished out of the garbage and throw it in the outside garbage can. Boil water in the electric kettle and pour it over the Crock Pot contents; top off with water and turn it on to cook. Put away groceries. Wash the plastic bag the peelings were in. Bring up the four loads of laundry and hang them on the line to dry. Turn up heat a few degrees (to 67) now that I’m home.


10:30 – Sit down at the computer to work. Long conference call.


12:30 – Break for lunch. Try boiling water in electric kettle, then simply pouring into a pan and mixing in macaroni and chopped broccoli, then letting it sit, covered, for 15 minutes to cook. Note to you, gentle reader: The macaroni was yucky. BUT if you pour it in the pan, heat it all to boiling, THEN let it sit, covered, for 12 minutes, even with chopped broccoli, it turns out fine and saves natural gas.


While macaroni is “cooking,” call Yellow Book, which delivered a phone book today, to be removed from their list. Call catalog company to be removed from their list. Throw phone book in recycling bin. Put plastic bags in bag o’ bags to be recycled.


1:00 – Return calls and writing work fill up the afternoon.


2:15 – Receive call that Mr. Cheap has injured his foot. Pick him up at work, drive to a nearby suburb, sit in waiting room for 20 minutes (working! Doing online research on my new Treo).


3:45 – Drive to Little Cheap’s school to pick her up from Daisy Scouts. On the way, place two calls for a client while walking into her school. As usual, LC has not managed to seal her water bottle properly, and it has leaked all over her backpack, coat and artwork. Drive her to a nearby farm where she takes horseback-riding lessons. Help LC and another girl whose dad dropped her off find riding helmets that fit. Sometimes, I stay while she has a lesson; more often, like today, I am so busy that I return home to finish some work.


4:45 – Drive back to pick up Mr. Cheap at occupational health clinic.


6:30 – Pick up Little Cheap from horseback-riding lessons. Drive home.



7:00 – Mr. Cheap helps Little Cheap with her bath. (If it were up to me, we would save some bath water in my trusty bucket for flushing, but Mr. Cheap doesn’t go that far.) I strain the stock, add some carrots and dried alphabet noodles purchased … er … before we moved to this house, which was only two years ago, but found again today.


Put away the remaining stock. Go outside and take down the (freezing cold, but hopefully dry) laundry. Feed the dog.


7:30 – Get out water and milk to drink and dish up the soup. Turn off unneeded lights. Eat together at the table. Little Cheap, who has never had alphabet soup, is impressed.


8:00 – Clear the table. Load the dishwasher. Little Cheap cleans up her room. Turn on Little Cheap’s electric blanket to preheat. Wash chocolate pudding from Little Cheap’s reusable snack sack (she also hasn’t put the lid back on the empty pudding container). Turn off unneeded lights. Put her cloth napkin (with pudding) in the clothes hamper. Collect horseback-riding clothes, which smell like horse, and coat, which is soaking wet at the bottom and smells like horse, from Little Cheap and put them in the washing machine with random towels gathered to fill out the load.


8:15 – Read to Little Cheap for bedtime. Mr. Cheap folds laundry.


9:00 – Make a cup of tea, return to computer and finish some more work.

9:55 – I am excited that the furnace heats things up one last time before the heat goes down to 55 degrees for the night.


10:45 – Put last load of laundry in the electric dryer (at least it, like all our electricity, is fueled by wind power). It is predicted to be 32 degrees tomorrow, Little Cheap needs her dry parka, and I have four business meetings to attend. Realize I am still wearing workout clothes, but never worked out. Mr. Cheap is asleep. Turn on my own electric blanket. Cover dog with his towel/blanket. Brush teeth, wash face, go to bed.

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