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7 - 2012

How to Cook a Whole Chicken

Many people are attempting to make spending reductions in every area of the family budget. Food is often one of the biggest household expenses. It is something that can be cut out completely, but it is possible to save large amounts of money by eating out less and cooking at home more. For the biggest savings, purchase ingredients as close to their natural state as possible and avoid convenience food items. Using a Whole Chicken

30 - 2012

Homemade Taco Seasoning Recipe

It almost always tastes better when you make homemade taco seasoning from scratch. Not only because it will be tastier, although it probably will be, but because it puts you in the driver’s seat. You know what is going into the food you cook. When you buy pre-made taco seasoning from a in a packet, you are at the mercy of the manufacturer. Creating your own taco seasoning recipe gives you the opportunity to play with different ingredients until you find just the right mix and put your signature on a dish. Start with what you read in a cookbook or on the Internet and build from there. Homemade taco seasoning gives your taco night a new flare. You can mix your favorite herbs and spices together to build a homemade taco recipe. The only limit is your imagination.

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Frugal kitchen: Homemade biscuits, 14 cents each

If you must have biscuits (and I confess, I must), you can make them yourself, and even using organic butter, pay about 13 cents each! With no trans fat … and in fact, the price is a bit less, as that 14 cents includes the oven time, and even the Pillsbury variety requires baking.

I love homemade biscuits with soup. Together, they are a fast, easy, inexpensive and relatively nutritious (though not necessarily “healthy” if you consider the butter and flour in the biscuits) dinner, and a great way to warm up in the winter.

My recipe takes about five minutes to mix up and 15 minutes to bake ….