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No Sign-Up Form on Cheap Like Me For Now

If you are one of the dozens of people who have signed on as a Cheap Like Me subscriber, I wanted to let you know why that option and the sign-in form are gone, at least for now. I’ve had recurring problems with having this blog hacked. I thought I had cleared it up, but then it was back, with a fake user (most likely a bot — I don’t think the attacks were personal) signing in as an administrator. I spent several hours yesterday cleaning up the code, resetting security features, eliminating bogus (spam comment) users, and generally trying to add a few virtual deadbolts to the blog.

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Dealing with CSA delivery – FAST!

I arrived home at 5:30 this evening with my box of CSA goodies. I also needed to make dinner, pay the bills, pack for a weekend trip, clean up the kitchen, finish up some work, and plan for tomorrow morning, which includes a trip to the bank and walking dogs before leaving around 9:30 a.m.

Clearly, I had no time to deal with the food that isn’t going to last forever. Here’s what I did to process and preserve some of our CSA stash and make good use of the rest, all in a big hurry.

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Fruit scavenging – cherries

This week, as I’ve been out walking the dog, I couldn’t help but notice a neighbor down the street with a tree full of cherries growing riper … and riper. I remembered my vow last year to ask for fruit that appeared to be going to waste, so I knocked on the door on Tuesday. Nobody was home, so I left a note; and the next day on my walk, I saw the door was open, so I went and rang the bell. The home is a rental, and the tenant said I could take all the cherries I wanted. Hooray!

29 - 2008

90% reduction update

Organic Needle reminded me to do an update on our performance during the Riot for Austerity, which I started 10 months ago. This is the 90 percent challenge that I’ve mentioned on this blog — with the goal of cutting consumption by 90 percent from U.S. average consumption. Here’s the update on what I did and how it turned out:

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Finding meat of one’s own

Yesterday, I posted about our upcoming order of a quarter beef. This purchase is part of our ongoing work to consume only meat that has been “treated kindly,” as Little Cheap puts it. At age 6 (and 5/6ths), she is a dedicated carnivore, but even her meaty preferences have wavered in the face of word of factory farming. This month, I’ve had some casual discussion with a farmer who is looking to sell her farm. I can’t buy the farm (I’m too young! I have too much to live for! Ha ha, love that joke), but we’ve had “what if we swapped homes? who knows what will happen?” conversations. This has brought up a whole host of hopes and dreams about her business, which partly involves raising animals for meat.