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31 - 2017

You need a pardon? Here’s what you need to know about pardons and how they work in Canada

In Canada, pardons are granted by the Parole Board. For the Parole Board to grant you a pardon, you need to meet certain criteria, but we’ll get to that in a second. Before we go into what you need to do or what you need to have so that you are eligible for sending a pardon application, let’s take a look at what a pardon implies in Canada. In Canada, receiving a pardon is not a form of “wiping” a crime. It is not a form of acknowledging that you have been previously found guilty by error and that you have been convicted wrongfully. Through obtaining a pardon, Canadian citizens have the opportunity of starting over and becoming functioning parts of society once more. Another critical factor about pardons is that they remove the individual’s criminal record from currently active criminal records, thus improving his or hers chances for re-integration.