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14 - 2018

3 Surefire Ways to Stretch a Limited Household Budget

Even though minimum wage is slowly creeping up, it is not rising at the same rate as inflation and this leaves many households at a serious disadvantage. No, you may not be actually working for minimum wage, but the truth is, every paygrade above minimum is based on that flat rate and so you are left lacking as well. If you are finding it hard, if not impossible, to meet your monthly expenses, there are ways to stretch your budget a bit further than you ever thought possible. Here are just 3 sure-fire ways to stretch even the most limited of household budgets.

16 - 2015

FREE Fun Family Activities… That Cost Nothing

Each day, ordinary people are discovering free fun family activities that allow them to turn an average day into an extraordinary adventure. While it is true that going to a theme park, enjoying a day at the zoo, and catching a movie at the theater are all still considered to be popular activities among families, it is also true that discovering free, enjoyable activities is quickly gaining in popularity. In a world plagued by inflation, a lack of full time jobs, and fewer savings, it is not at all uncommon to find that several million families across the nation are now actively enjoying a wide array of activities that cost absolutely nothing! Here, you will be introduced to several free fun family activities that are appropriate for all ages! Create a Family Blog

19 - 2015

Save Big this Year with Your Vegetable Garden.

Homegrown Vegetable Garden – Save Big This Year by Growing Your Own Food Homegrown veggies not only taste great, but growing them will save you quite a bit of money, compared to purchasing vegetables from a retailer. Having what many refer to as a “green thumb” not only means you have the capability of growing the vegetables that you and your family enjoy the most, but, it also means that you have the capability to save some of your “green”, or money. By conducting a simple search on vegetable gardening saving money, you are sure to uncover thousands of stories of people who have saved a tremendous amount of cash by simply growing their own food products. If you want to save big this year, you may succeed in the endeavor by growing your own food. In this guide, we will evaluate how much money may be saved by growing your […]

4 - 2015

10 Cheap Ways to Live Green

10 Cheap Ways to Live Green Many individuals believe that if they focus on ways to live green, that their lifestyle will have a detrimental impact upon their finances. While it is true that purchasing organic foods and installing green solar paneling on your home does carry its own degree of expense, there are many ways that you follow the frugal path in an inexpensive manner. In this brief guide, you will be introduced to 10 cheap ways to live green. If you are ready to reduce your carbon footprint, while living in a frugal manner, follow these frugal living ideas on 10 cheap ways to live green:

15 - 2014

The Frugal Path – Top 3 Frugal Living Ideas for Those That Value True Value

The Frugal Path – Top 3 Frugal Living Ideas for Those That Value True Value The frugal path is about living in a smart manner so that one may afford to live the life that they desire to live. In today’s world, there are many frugal living ideas listed in magazines, books, and frugal living websites. Many often skim over these resources because they feel as if the frugal path is about making sacrifices and experiencing high level of deprivation; however, this is not the case at all. Frugality is considered to be an art. It is an art form that combines the elements of being economically sound and ecologically sound. It reduces the detrimental financial footprint of waste in your personal life and it reduces your carbon footprint on the planet. If you are a person that values true value, the frugal path is for you. In this guide, […]

3 - 2014

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint in 3 Easy Steps!

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint in 3 Easy Steps! Saving money is a subject that is more important than ever. While it is true that the unemployment rate is lower than it has been since the recession, it is also true that many people are still bound by the chains of the part-time job economic crisis. As a result of this fact, most families are consistently searching for ways to reduce the amount of money that they spend. In addition to this, many of these families are interested in engaging in activities that not only allow them success in saving money, but, also reduce their carbon footprint. A carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases that are produced to support the activities that you engage in on a regular basis. Those greenhouse gases have been found to have a detrimental impact on our environment and contribute immensely to global warming. […]

29 - 2014

How to Make Your Own Laundry Detergent at a 90% Discount

DIY Laundry Detergent – How to Make Your Own Laundry Detergent at a 90% Discount Let’s face it; laundry is a chore everyone has to do. The choices for laundry detergent are considerable in the laundry detergent aisle. You can find pricey detergents that may cost up to $20 or more and you can find cheap detergents that cost just a few bucks. The more expensive detergents aren’t necessarily better than the mid-priced detergents. The cheaper detergents may not be that good.  Regardless you end up spending money on keeping the laundry clean. There is a better solution if you take the time to DIY and make your own DIY laundry detergent.

22 - 2014

Don’t Buy the Draino! Clear Your Drain Naturally

Don’t Buy The Draino! Clear A Drain Naturally Draino is full of harsh chemicals and when you use it on your drains you run the risk of being burned. Not only is it dangerous for it to make contact with your skin, but the fumes are also dangerous. You have to keep pets and children away from the bottle and the drains while in use. Draino is absolutely dangerous and even deadly to small children should they ingest it. It is better for everyone in the home if you use natural methods to clear the drain. Another important aspect of clearing a drain is in prevention.

10 - 2014

Top 5 Tricks on How to not look your Age without Going Broke

Looking younger is possible without it costing you a fortune. Paying for various products and procedures can really add up. Many of the procedures also have risky side effects that you want to avoid. Here are some ways to look your without that risk and without that expense. It is easier than you think! #1 Lifestyle

8 - 2014
14 - 2014

5 Healthy Money Thoughts That Will Shape Your Financial Freedom

Your thoughts about money and finances greatly influence your financial freedom. Personal finance experts highlights the significance of having the right money psychology in managing your financial life. It impacts the way you spend, save and grow your finances in a lot of ways. By establishing a healthy money psychology, you will have the ability to maneuver your financial journey in the way you want it to go. Here are five healthy money thoughts you should always keep in mind.

13 - 2014

Saving Money as a Family

I have found the best way to save money as a family is to include everyone in the family in on the plan from the onset. Sometimes we as parents sit down and discuss finances and enforce rules which make sense to us, but the children do not understand and sometimes this causes rebellion. Including them in on all matters of your finances is not necessary. However it can be a lot of help when you are trying to save money as a family to include them in on the plan and make them a part of it. Normally children are more than willing to help out when things get difficult, or you are just trying to save money for emergencies or vacations or whatever your financial plans are.

25 - 2013

How to Save Money on Your Next Big Move

Moving causes financial stress – due to the burden of packing, renting trucks and the cost of decorating your new home. If you choose to hire a professional moving service, you’re looking at fees priced in the thousands. If you choose to move yourself, you’re missing time from work when you could be earning more. It’s a big financial stress moving, which is why we put together these money-saving tips. You’ll want to employ these strategies in order to save big on your next move. Whether you’re relocating to another state outside New Jersey or moving just down the road, cutting costs is fiscally responsible. So, grab a pen and paper, because your first step is creating a budget.

6 - 2013

Don’t Let an Imposter Into Your Savings

Every day there seems to be a new headline that criminal computer hacking is still on the rise. Targeting government and corporate accounts, enterprising hackers use sophisticated tools to raid online bank accounts. But even if you’re a small depositor, your deposits are hard-earned savings entitled to the same protection as those of big time depositors. Large Scale Fraud Online Raiding of Government Secrets. Early in 2013, company Kaspersky Lab discovered a spyware scheme targeting government offices on a global scale that had been going on without being detected for five years. The country most affected by this hacking campaign was Russia. The security company theorizes that the hackers were either for hire or auctioning off their loot to the highest bidder in the underground world.

17 - 2012

Improving Your Economic Situation With College

Everywhere you turn, the news is loaded with sludge: We’re in a recession. Is it a depression? Nobody knows … but it’s bad. We’ve lost 25% to 30% of the value of the stock market. Our home values have declined. Unemployment is up.

A common descriptor is “the worst recession since the Great Depression.” The problem is, that comparison makes many people jump to the conclusion that this is as bad as — or the same as — the Great Depression.

But let’s take a glass-half-full approach. We’re still much wealthier than most people in the world.

7 - 2012

How to Find Coupons Online

Times are tough so many people have turned to couponing as a way to save money. The Internet has a plethora of coupons that people can download, print, and use. Here are some great tips on finding coupons online and finding great online deals. The first tip is to use a search engine to look for coupons based on your needs. For example, if you have a new baby then you would want to search for formula and diaper coupons. There are many sites that specialize in categories of coupons.

6 - 2012

Gift Shopping Tips that Will Save you Money

Canadians celebrate the holidays too believe it or not!  This post is for my Canadian readers 🙂 This holiday season, you’re probably balancing a lot of financial obligations. After a year of eating packed lunches, leaving the credit cards at home and constantly checking Canadian mortgage rates, it’s important to tread lightly in the area of holiday gifts. But you don’t have to avoid holiday spending altogether. Here’s a solid plan to help you stay on the right financial track while searching for gifts for everyone you love. 1. Combine (financial sources) to buy big gifts instead of several small ones. If you have a child on your list who really wants a starter guitar, why not call a few other relatives who intend to buy a gift for him or her? It would probably be less expensive (and pay off more on Christmas day) if all of you chipped in to […]

20 - 2012

Eat Better, Save Money and Be Prepared With Food Storage

After intense winds from a hurricane blew far inland and knocked out power in their neighborhood, Gail’s family learned what it was like to live without electricity for a solid week. “At the time we had maybe half a jar of peanut butter, a box of cereal, and a few canned goods in the house,” Gail recalls. “We finally found a store that was open and bought a bunch of items that didn’t need refrigeration. By the time our power was restored, we were thoroughly sick of eating granola bars, pudding cups, and crackers.” The experience prompted Gail to accumulate a stash of nonperishable food items in case of future emergencies, but those items have been gathering dust in her pantry for several years now. Gail believes she should probably throw them out and restock, but she hates to go out again and waste money on food her family may […]

26 - 2012

5 Tips for Lowering your Energy Bill Around the House

Energy is expensive and paradoxical; how can it be that even though the earth and sun are constantly generating energy, it is considered to be so rare and costly? Before I present five home energy saving tips, look at the sun, feel the wind, jump in the waves and think about volcanoes; all these physical forces are being used to generate electricity in many places all over the world, so why don’t we? Answer: I have no idea, but maybe you do. 1. Insulate insulate insulate

16 - 2012

Downsize Your Property Quickly

Energy providers such as British Gas recently announced that energy prices will be rising between five and seven per cent with immediate effect. Many people have large houses with high ceilings and rooms going unused. If this sounds familiar, now may be the perfect time to downsize to something more cost-effective. Traditional methods of selling a property on the open market are long and drawn-out at the best of times. Coupled with the current dire housing market, you could be waiting a long time before you manage to move into a smaller property. In periods such as this, alternative methods of property selling can effectively shorten the process, meaning you can get saving more quickly.