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4 - 2008

Vote for coffee

There’s so much in the media and blogosphere about voting for mavericks and voting for change. But hopefully the cheapskates among us have also seen the call to Vote for Joe.

31 - 2008
17 - 2008
26 - 2008
1 - 2008

Re-using household items

In the process of trying to reduce our garbage, I’ve come across several items that I needed and wanted to not buy — and conversely, several items I hated to throw away but couldn’t easily recycle. By reusing these items, necessity meets utility. Quite some time ago, when I started cleaning everything with baking soda instead of scouring powder, I wanted a convenient container – like the one scouring powder comes in. I found an old plastic peanut butter jar in my laundry room, used a nail to punch a bunch of holes in the lid, and voila – my baking soda shaker makes cleaning the bathroom a tiny bit easier.

30 - 2008

Fruit scavenging – cherries

This week, as I’ve been out walking the dog, I couldn’t help but notice a neighbor down the street with a tree full of cherries growing riper … and riper. I remembered my vow last year to ask for fruit that appeared to be going to waste, so I knocked on the door on Tuesday. Nobody was home, so I left a note; and the next day on my walk, I saw the door was open, so I went and rang the bell. The home is a rental, and the tenant said I could take all the cherries I wanted. Hooray!

14 - 2008

Top 10 money-saving actions in 2007

This list covers my major frugal activities during 2007. Some of them are habitual, some of them are new. This list only includes items I would have done anyway. So if I saw something that was a great deal and impulsively bought it, it wouldn’t make the list. Items are only included if I would have bought something at any price, but instead did it frugally. Selling things. We sold our hot tub, an old bed, two old bikes, a painting we’d outgrown, a yard sale worth of stuff, and a desk. Altogether, they made us a nice little bundle. Savings/earnings: $875. Used grocery store card and coupons. I believe I save at least $35 a month using coupons and store “club” cards. (I did track this for several months in 2007, with savings ranging from $17 in July to more than $40 in June, August and September.) Savings: $420 […]

3 - 2007
26 - 2007

Deal of the Week: Museum Day free on Saturday!

This week, Smithsonian Magazine is collaborating with museums across the nation to offer free admission on Saturday, Sept. 29. Magazine and Web site readers can qualify for free admission for two. Museum Day is a nationwide event taking place on Saturday, September 29, 2007, where participating museums and cultural institutions across the country offer free admission to Smithsonian readers and visitors. Museum Day celebrates the country’s cultural offerings, allows the dissemination of knowledge and brings Americans together.Museum Day is open to all Smithsonian readers and friends. Participants must present the Museum Day Admission Card available in the September 2007 issue of Smithsonian Magazine or downloadable via this site to receive FREE GENERAL ADMISSION. The Museum Day Admission Card is valid for you plus one guest and is limited to one per household.