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9 Ways The Easter Bunny Can Bring Less Waste This Year

Just a few shopping days until Easter, the Christian holiday that has become a big commercial event. Americans are anticipated to spend $117 each or $12.7 billion overall on Easter food, gifts and apparel (although fewer people are buying new outfits this year). There are plenty of alternatives to keep the spring holidays fun, festive and frugal. Here are some suggestions ….

17 - 2009

Remaking a sweater

Yesterday I wrote about storing sweaters. But what if you look at your sweater collection and find a few duds that shouldn’t see the light of next season? Too small, too pilled, too short, too huge, just not right. You would think sweater projects would be perfect in the fall — but in the fall, you’re going to want to USE those projects. Plus, it’s National Craft Month! Get one or two ready now, and they’ll be all set to use this fall. Store sweater projects as you would store the sweaters they’re made from.

16 - 2009

Sweater storage

Spring is just around the corner. That means it’s time to go through the closet, trade winter clothes for summer ones, and store away old sweaters. It’s also a great time for a flurry of cleaning, getting rid of what you don’t need to make room for a fresh season. Storing sweaters

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