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28 - 2008
24 - 2007

Eco-quandary: When is enough, enough?

I’ve been working hard on our eco baby steps around here. I got several gasps of alarm at the no-TP move, but that’s really a drop in the bucket (or toilet) in terms of waste. I realized this especially on Sunday afternoon, when I was madly re-organizing the basement. I wound up throwing out two 13-gallon bags full of things like Styrofoam — and to boot had two bags of trash this week instead of one, totaling 7.4 lbs.

29 - 2007

What’s in the garden?

Our garden is going strong this year. We dug some new beds, went to Longmont for four big bins full of composted horse manure, added our own compost pile from last year in an effort to thin out our heavy clay soil, dug up reams of landscape cloth that was used to keep the weeds out of the decorative bark-covered bed we’re destroying, and planted like crazy. We enjoyed the mild spring and suffered through a cold week in early June that took out some of our babies — as well as a hailstorm that left us relatively unscathed, thank goodness. Here, the rundown of what we’re growing:

24 - 2007

Spreadsheet frenzy, or moderation in obsession

Starting this blog has been an incredible motivator for me. I have a tendency to obsess, to calculate, to love spreadsheets and data, although I’ve been told I’m more a creative type. A couple years ago, when I became intent on lowering our grocery bills, I dove in full-bore, subscribed to The Grocery Game for coupon notifications, and read the entire back catalog of the now-defunct Tightwad Gazette (the link is to Amazon, but I checked it out from the library). Now that I’m blogging on frugality and greenness, my mind — and my copy of Excel — are awhirl.

4 - 2007

What is Cheap Like Me?

There are a lot of personal finance blogs out there. I know. I read a bunch of them.  This blog is about my journey to cheap. It’s about saving money, being frugal, without giving up the things that bring joy to my life: Friends. Good food. Travel. A glass of wine or a cocktail. It’s about searching for a way of life that combines frugality in several regards: