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12 - 2008

Answers – Anniversary Questions – Part 2

I got so many great questions from readers for my one-year anniversary — not to mention all the sweet comments. Thank YOU all for reading and making this blog so much fun. Your being here helps motivate me to keep on keepin’ on — even though things feel a little dark at times. Here is the second group of questions and answers. Sorry they are late! My day job and houseguests have kept me hopping this week. See the first answers, posted last Friday.

11 - 2008

Deals of the week

We haven’t had a deal of the week in a long time! But there are a few deals out there too good to pass up. It’s spring clearance season. If you need winter items (stock up for next year!) check out these great bargain sites: Land’s End, LL Bean, Campmor and Sierra Trading Post. You can get good deals on expensive long johns, winter gloves, fancy sandals, hiking socks, etc. that you or kids might need next year. For extra savings, do a search for the retailer and “coupon” or “code” — you might find a discount you can apply for a percentage off or free shipping. The Upromise toolbar. You might be familiar with Upromise, which lets you register cards (grocery store cards, credit cards, etc.) and earn college savings. You can open a 529 account and tie it to your Upromise account. The toolbar tells you about deals […]

6 - 2008

Answers – Anniversary Questions – Part 1

I got so many great questions from readers for my one-year anniversary last week – not to mention all the sweet comments. Thank YOU all for reading and making this blog so much fun. Your being here helps motivate me to keep on keepin’ on — even though things feel a little dark at times in terms of our environmental/economic future. Now for the questions – and my best shot at some answers for you. Here are the first three! More to follow on Tuesday.

21 - 2008
24 - 2008
22 - 2008
31 - 2008
18 - 2007

Eco-quandary: Green vs. traditionally generous holiday gifts

We usually have a pretty big shopping list around our house for Christmas. We have two sets of parents with whom we really don’t exchange gifts, and two sets with whom we do. We have five siblings/spouses and two nieces, a couple of our daughter’s good friends, two sets of grandparents, and this year, four sets of aunts and uncles. This year, a church group we’re in sponsored two single-parent/one-child families, and we bought several items for those families, plus donated our old Christmas lights and some extra toiletries we had stockpiled in the closet — and the time to organize the giving. And I like to thank those who have helped us throughout the year, which involved holiday tips or gifts for Little Cheap’s teachers, my hairdresser, my massage therapist, our mail carrier, the newspaper delivery person and Mr. Cheap’s specially kind bus driver.

7 - 2007

Weekly Wrap-Up: Going all the way for a green Christmas and wrapping up your year

Oh, you think your Christmas is green, do you? Well, read this and see how green your gifts are. I was interested to hear in the Democratic debate on NPR the other day that John Edwards says there will be no toys from China under his tree. I believe my daughter’s top two gifts were made in the USA (both are wood, and I know one is US made), and I heard a rumor that Santa’s present is gently used. But there are a few things that are probably made internationally. How PC is your tree? 

28 - 2007
21 - 2007

Deal of the Week: LED Light Exchange

I think everyone knows Boulder is ahead of the curve when it comes to saving energy, but this takes the cake (or the Christmas cookies). At Boulder’s light exchange, you can bring in up to 5 strands of working regular holiday lights and swamp them for one strand of LED lights each for $5 per strand. With five strands, you could easily save $75 by their estimates, or $25 by mine.

14 - 2007
5 - 2007

Weekly Wrap-Up: Food and laundry … everyone’s favorite repeating chores

Starting with a couple of takes on food this week. Is it a good idea to hide veggies in regular foods for your kids? A couple of new cookbooks say sure, it’s a great way to get additional vitamins into kids’ tummies. But a food writer howls that doing so is robbing the taste buds to appease the nutrition gods. At our house, we just force Little Cheap to take a bite or two of everything — and I can say that the other night she did eat cauliflower (well, the florets), although she waffles on beets and artichokes.  

31 - 2007

Weekly Wrap-Up: 50% Day at Savers and $142 Pokemon cards on eBay

Savers is having a 50% off Day on Monday, Labor Day (Sept. 3). Canada Value Village/Village des Valeurs gets theirs on Tuesday, Sept. 4, and in Australia it’s Wednesday, Sept. 5. Happy bargain hunting … eBay is known for bargains and occasionally for its high-flying, clever postings. Some of you may have seen this one, in which a mother of 6 kids sells the Pokemon cards her kids sneaked into the cart for $142 on eBay.

30 - 2007
29 - 2007

Deal of the week: Buy used stuff with persistence and the Law of Attraction

This weekend I found several new deals that again illustrated my philosophy for finding great deals on used stuff. I suppose it is the Law of Attraction in thrifty action (that has a ring to it, doesn’t it?). It’s fall, so I’ve inventoried my stash of clothes for Little Cheap. She didn’t need much: A winter coat, snow pants, a soccer uniform and some boots for her riding class. I’ve been hunting the boots on eBay. We bought new shin guards before realizing that our local kids’ consignment store had them, but we did find used cleats.

17 - 2007

Weekly Wrap-Up: DIY Summer Camp and a Honda Diesel

First, I’ll note that when I started typing the title of this post, I wrote “Weekly Serap …” – completely involuntarily. Clearly, my subconscious was typing “serape” to tell me I ought to go to Mexico! Who’s in? But since I am still here, this post talks about a neighborhood that does their own summer camp – keeping kids in the neighborhood and saving families thousands of dollars. I would LOVE to do this.

3 - 2007

Eco(n)-quandary: De-clutter or be frugal?

Sometimes I look around my house, which I’m trying to streamline, and I wonder why we can’t just be tidy. You know, minimalist. We used to be pack rats, but that’s not so much the case. We’ve gotten rid of the trifle bowls and extraneous candlesticks that we received as wedding gifts in 1995 and never used. Instead, our challenge now is that we are trying to save money and be friendlier on the environment.

20 - 2007
19 - 2007