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Shop Local on Small Business Saturday today

Are you out running holiday errands? Remember that today is Small Business Saturday. Think twice before hitting big box stores and consider whether you can meet your needs at a local business instead! Odds are good you’ll find shorter lines and better service — and support your community’s economy. Recent studies have found that local businesses return a much greater percentage of their revenues to the community. For instance, in a 2009 study:

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Friday Wrap-Up: Shopping makes you dumb and savings secrets

Here’s another great reason to avoid shopping: New research shows that too many consumer choices can have deleterious effects on your health. … The more purchasing choices the participants had made during the day at the mall, the less likely the participants were able to solve simple arithmetic problems. I know I for one have had that total brain fuzz after an exhausting day of errands. The kind where I can’t seem to finish a …

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Buy Nothing Update: Living Life

As I continue with the Buy Nothing Challenge, I’m enjoying the challenge to my mindset. On the one hand, I’ve several times this week had the urge to go out for coffee. I’ve instead made coffee and chai at home. I am looking at my desire to go buy stuff for entertainment – as a break from my sometimes tedious life of taking my child to school and returning home, alone, to work.