24 - 2008

What are you wearing NOW?

This week’s post on eco-fashion has generated some fun comments. I loved Erin‘s response (I added the links):

What I am wearing right now…sweater bought on sale at Patagonia – a company I love because of its commitment to the environment. A skirt I bought at Goodwill. A AWESOME shirt I got for my birthday that I have worn approximately 57,000 times since the end of August. ) Organic t-shirt material scarf that was a gift. And Keen shoes – another company I admire [Cheap here: I admire this company too — they made the ONLY pair of shoes I bought for the summer] plus they have a big toe box and I hate when my feet are scrunched. I try to be eco-conscious in my clothing but I think the best thing I could do would be to buy clothes used which I don’t do enough of cause it is hard…

Check out her awesome PC outfit! Wow, she’s so green!

So I thought a survey would be a lot of fun on a Friday (or Saturday, Sunday, Monday, whenever you read this). Quick! Take a look at yourself and post what you are wearing!

No fair changing into your Goodwill outfit just to earn brownie points.

It is acceptable to comment about whether your outfit is typical.

What am I wearing?

To prove my honesty, my outfit today is not so eco at all. I am wearing …

– The sweater from the post linked above.

– A T-shirt bought at J. Jill with a gift card.

– Some jeans from Ann Taylor Loft bought on a friends-and-family coupon my friend sent me before the chain laid off said sister.

– Socks bought at Target (I can knit socks, but until someone buys me a circular sock knitting machine so I can literally crank them out, it hasn’t been happening).

– Rocket Dog sneakers bought a couple of years ago at Famous Footwear … for the coupon benefits.

Is this typical?

Most likely,  yes. I’m choosy about my clothes, but that’s because I’m a Virgo. (What is funny is that that horoscope says “your favorite label is Calvin Klein — which is about right, and I just bought a CK parka … at Ross, of course.) So I do try to thrift shop — and I have some thrift-store clothes — but often I don’t find things I like at thrift stores.

My goals: Choose more basics that are higher quality and longer lasting, even if more expensive. Choose more basics that are organic, recycled and/or recyclable. Make more of my own clothes. And I have on my to-do list to visit some more upscale consignment/resale shops and see if I have better luck than at the thrift store.

But (she said, justifying herself) my daughter’s clothes are largely pre-loved.

Extra credit – What does your family wear?

My daughter is wearing a shirt I made her with some pants from Savers, plus sneakers made partially with recycled materials (from Wal-Mart … Not really our first choice (in fact, she tried on shoes at many other stores first), but just about the only store where the shoes fit her feet!). Later she’ll head out to soccer practice in cleats from the consignment shop.

As for Mr. Cheap … he is wearing his school’s Friday spirit T-shirt, a pair of jeans most likely from Costco, and a jacket probably also from Costco.

Now … What are YOU wearing?

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