4 - 2010

Trying To Save Denver’s City Compost Program

The City of Denver, Colorado, last year joined about 300 cities and universities that collect organic matter for composting.

The pilot program rolled out green waste carts to 3,300 homes in the city. Waste was collected for composting in large batches, which meant that composters could include materials not easy to do on an individual basis, such as meat and dairy scraps and waxed paper. (Full disclosure: I found about the program too late to qualify for the pilot, so we still compost in our back yard.)

In April, a local news program reported that some homes saw their garbage stream cut in half when they implemented composting. In June, the city received a grant that extended the pilot program to March 2010.

But now, with revenue cuts, the program is set to expire in two months. A supporter of the program has set up Denver City Compost Program – The Petition Site to collect signatures urging the city to prioritize keeping the compost program in the budget. Please go over and sign if you are a supporter.

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