25 - 2008

How walkable is your neighborhood?

Recently I came across this cool tool to rate how walkable your neighborhood is (via The Simple Dollar).

You just type in your address and it calculates your “walk score” based on the proximity to grocery stores, parks, libraries, restaurants, bars, services, schools, churches, etc. It has its flaws — it lists Jamba Juice as a “bar” and in our neighborhood, it includes several retailers that have closed, so I’m unsure how often it is updated.

I would think it would be an especially great tool if you are thinking of relocating and walkability is one of your top priorities. Our neighborhood scored 80. The farm I was wishing to buy a few months back scored 0 (with basically NOTHING closer than 10 miles away).

If nothing else, it made me feel really guilty that I don’t bike more often … but I do walk to the grocery store, drugstore, park, etc.

How does your ‘hood rank?

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