23 - 2008

Friday wrap-up: Gas, solar hot water heat, credit card protections and detergent

My hot water heater is only a couple years old AND I don’t know how to do plumbing, but other than that, doesn’t this sound good? And it’s remarkably pretty, too.

Gas prices are climbing, climbing, climbing. Green Daily posted about gas prices and options for using less gas-intensive transportation, and WiseBread had a post on offers that will earn you free gas.

This post extols the merits of Blue Dawn and got me excited with its mention of biodegradable. I added my own use for Dawn … washing the lanolin (and gunk, suint (sheep sweat) and other goo) from sheep’s fleece. I bought Dawn because it’s highly recommended by many spinners, and I figured I wouldn’t be washing much fleece … but it seems to be a building contagion around here and now I’ve washed three fleeces. This site questions the “biodegradable” claim and suggests Ecover. I LOVE Ecover’s dishwashing liquid and dishwasher powder (their prices seem high at first, but unlike many green detergents they actually WORK, so I use very little), so I will try it next time.

And WiseBread posted this article about possible protections for credit card users that might be mandated by the Federal Reserve (the article includes a link to where you can submit a public comment). I know I’ve been hit by the interest-on-two-cycles one, which smacks users who don’t quite pay off their balance one month, then polish it off the next. Have you suffered from any of these rules?

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