28 - 2010

Energy Saving Tips for Summer Travel

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photo by Balaji B.

This week has been a really busy one, so I apologize for the lack of posts. We are finishing up the school year, which always makes life especially hectic with many tasks.

This year, one task is planning vacation travel – and thinking about how to do it as green and cheap as we can.

With summer holidays in mind, I’ll share with you these tips courtesy of the Colorado Carbon Fund for lowering your vacation carbon footprint:

  • Embark on a stay-cation, and patronize local concerts, festivals, barbecues – Great idea in this year of small budgets. Check with your local tourism office for new ideas.
  • Take the train – Alas, in our part of the world, the train is expensive and inconvenient. Do you travel by train?
  • Book non-stop flights – Yes!
  • Use public transportation at your destination, including airport shuttles, rather than renting a car – We love doing this when possible.
  • Book your reservation with airlines and hotels with green programs (and if they don’t have one, ask!) – Easier said than done, but worth the effort.
  • Turn down your water heater, and unplug appliances before leaving home – Good idea – why pay for what you won’t use?
  • Use a digital, not a disposable, camera – Very good idea.
  • Offset your travel emissions with a contribution to the Colorado Carbon Fundor your area’s local equivalent.

How are you greening your summer vacation plans this year?

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