6 - 2009

Cheap, reusable skin exfoliation

At our house, I must admit, we are fans of St. Ives apricot scrub.

However, it comes with a few problems:

1. It costs about $2.39. For one tube. Of stuff made up of apricot pits, which, you know, is technically trash. (But at least it is not plastic, like so many other exfoliating products are.)

2. It comes in a big ol’ nonrecyclable plastic tube.

3. If it’s really full of Swiss ingredients, the carbon miles aren’t exactly low.

4. We noticed, when we stopped using it, that our skin actually improved.

After stopping using the stuff, and seeing that my complexion looked a little better (fewer “blemishes,” which after all, I was wondering why I had in the first place since I am in the latter half of my 30s), I took skin care one step further and quit washing my face in the evenings.

My skin’s condition again improved, but I could feel a bit of … how do you say … thickness? Buildup? My skin wasn’t coming off like it used to, and I felt that my complexion, consequently, lacked a bit of freshness.

Enter my newfound, old-school, cheap and utterly reusable exfoliation tool:

That’s right. The washcloth.

Change the pressure of your fingers to alter the depth of the exfoliation. Rub briskly to really take off the skin, or baby your face with a gentle massage. Couple it with soap, cleanser, or good old H2O for customized care.

The cost? It varies.

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