8 - 2011

Benefits of Owning a Hybrid (Infographic)

As I might have mentioned earlier this year, I bought a new hybrid vehicle last year. We just took our first road trip in the Prius and were thrilled to find that to drive 1,300 miles, we only had to fill up the tank twice … and the second fill-up has lasted us the rest of the drive home and through the next two weeks of driving at home. Amazing!

Of course, with the new fuel economy standards announced last week, by 2025, all cars will have to get 54.5 miles per gallon — just higher than the efficiency of my Prius. But meanwhile, if you’re on the fence, check out this infographic:

benefits of a hybrid
Learn more at Consumer Car

2 thoughts on “Benefits of Owning a Hybrid (Infographic)

  1. Patricia in Denver

    What a great visual. I have owned a Prius for exatly 7 years, so I’m about to break even. Yaay! The reason I bought the car was because it was the cleanest car on the road at the time (air quality), less gas usage (using less resources), and I didn’t want to give oil companies any more money that I had to (they don’t need it, I do). It still runs like a charm and right now I am getting over 50 mph. I highly recommend owning a hybrid.


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