30 - 2011

New Social Media Sharing Application StuffPal

The following is a guest post about a new borrowing tool called StuffPal.

In today’s day and age most people have their own personal media library consisting of DVDs, books, and videogames. While most people tend to borrow and lend items among their network of friends, there really  hasn’t been an organized, systematic and simple way to manage the whole borrowing and lending process. And, there really hasn’t been a simple, efficient way to keep track of what items friends own either. Well, a new social media sharing application resolves these problems. StuffPal is a free online media sharing application that allows people to catalog and show off their collection of DVDs, books and videogames to their Facebook friends who are also on StuffPal.

Users can request to borrow items their friends have cataloged, allowing them to go green by reducing personal consumption instead of buying more and more items, which in the long run saves the environment by reducing the demand for resources by cutting back on the quantity of manufacturing new products and packaging them, cutting back on waste ending up in a landfill.

StuffPal not only lets people go green, it also lets them save money—just imagine the amount of money you can save by borrowing items from your friends instead of purchasing more and more new items. College students who tend to voice concern regarding the amount of money spent on textbooks each semester can also benefit financially from this application, and it’s also a good way for them to network with their peers and interact with them offline when they borrow various items.

The process of using StuffPal is quite simple, and the long-term financial benefits and benefits towards the environment are substantial. All you do is visit and login using their built-in Facebook login feature. Once you’ve signed-up for free just type in the DVDs, books, videogames you own and are willing to lend to your friends, then invite your Facebook friends to use StuffPal and begin borrowing and lending.

StuffPal recently won the 2011 W3 Silver Award in the web application and services category. The W³Awards honors creative excellence on the web, and recognizes the creative and marketing professionals behind award winning sites, marketing programs, and video work created for the web. They received over 3,000 entries this year.

Let us know in the comments section if you think StuffPal will help you out financially and help the environment!

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