24 - 2017

Save time by signing documents electronically

Business can be very tedious, depending on what exactly it is that you are doing. There are a lot of things that you have to do and often times you can’t really get on with all your plans because you lack a little something. That little something is probably the most important resource in any domain, and it’s called time.

When you’re running out of time you sure wish that you could save some, and there are several ways to do that. If you work in a field where you are required to sign a lot of documents each day, or at least frequently, you might want to try switching to an online signing method.

What is online signing?

Signing documents online, or electronically, can be done with the help of special tools that allow you to maintain the form and validity of an important document. The point of such programs is that if you work in sales, for instance, you get to focus on the next sale instead of using your time pushing a document through to someone for signing. You can just send it by email and have the other parties sign the document.

When dealing with documents, there’s a lot of time wasted in between the different phases of a negotiation such as agreeing upon terms, and then actually signing the document. It could take forever to get in a room with someone and finally sign the contract. Through an online signing app, you could free up a lot of your time by not having to allocate so many of your resources to a closed deal.

If you want to sign your documents online you’re going to need a program that handles this kind of thing. One of the e-signing solutions out there is sodapdf’s E-Sign extension. Either sodapdf or another provider can get you going with electronic signings in no time.

E-signing documents is a practice used by even the most advanced and large entities such as government representatives at a high level as well as financial institutions.  The necessity or usefulness of this sort of tool increases depending on how many contracts you have to handle in a given timeframe. However, even if you need only one contract or document signed, it would be much easier to use an e-signing platform than to meet up with someone from two states over.

If you’re worried about either the security or even legality of it all, it’s ok. Using electronic signing programs will not affect the legality of your document. Additionally, documents signed through online platforms usually include backups in case something goes wrong. Normally however, everything should be fine and once signed through the platform, the signed copy of a document is sent to all parties involved. And you can rest assured that the end result, which is the signed document, is legally binding.

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