6 - 2017

Business Owners: How to be Smarter with your Money

The business world is a highly competitive place and one of the most important parts of getting ahead of the rest is to have enough capital to survive. While there’s some truth in the old adage that you need to ‘spend money to make money’, the reality is that if you’re smart with your investments you can develop but also save at the same time.

To give you a clearer view of this, what follows are a few examples of how you can improve your operations without breaking the bank.

Switch to Free Marketing Strategies

Avoid spending vast amounts in your marketing – as there are plenty of free options to pursue. Traditional email marketing is a great way to spread brand awareness, but also using free social media platforms to promote your business can allow you to tap into the lucrative millennial markets.

Embrace New Technology

To build on this, there are certain technologies you can invest in that eventually can make your business more effective. Rather than having to invest in more staff, a one-off payment on tech like cloud services, a new CRM system or even newer, greener manufacturing machines could see your business become more productive and efficient.

Make your Online Presence Better

As alluded to above, today’s consumers are more tech-savvy and look to shop online more; so, you need to follow suit. Make sure your company website is professional, easy to use and provides the customer with the best user-experience. If you have concerns about this, invest in an affordable web-designer to help get your site up to scratch.

Streamline Travel Expenses

You’ll probably need to travel with your business, but this can be expensive. The smart move here is to plan travel further in advance to bring these costs down.

Keep on Top of your Money

No matter which approach you try, a fundamental aspect is to make sure you stay on top of your money. You need a financial expert in your team to make sure everything from your payroll, to your expenses and your working capital is all in order – you can find out more about the latter in this useful post from MarketInvoice.

With a combination of the above, you could soon start to realize the success you want for your business, with more money in the bank. Following this, your profits could increase even more, giving you more capital to invest in your company.

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