24 - 2009

Friday Wrap-up: Out-Of-Town Guests Edition

I’m sure the Web has been busy, although it does seem that posting slowed down as bloggers headed to the BlogHer conference, going on now.  (Read all about it at the link.)

As for me, we’ve been very busy hosting guests in town and getting ready for a camping trip, so this week’s wrap-up is scanty with just two items of interest.

12 food additives to avoid (carcinogens, anyone?)

Verda Vivo published a list of 12 food additives to avoid, from diaper-requiring Olestra to artery-clogging trans fats to a plethora of carcinogens.

The item I wondered about was the description of nitrites, which said “Without nitrite, hot dogs and bacon would look gray.” However, our family loves Coleman Natural Uncured Hickory Smoked Bacon, which is nitrite- and nitrate-free, and it just looks like regular ol’ bacon.

The 15 most sustainable U.S. cities

My city made the list! Denver is #9 on Grist’s list of the 15 most sustainable cities, clocking in behind well-known greentropolises such as Seattle and Portland, as well as lesser-known (to me, at least) ones such as Boston and Sacramento.

See you next week.

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