19 - 2015

Top Tip to Save Money – Use More Hydrogen Peroxide

According to the frugal-minded, the top tip to save money is to use more hydrogen peroxide in and around the home! According to scientific research, this watery substance is the only germicidal agent that is composed of only oxygen and water. It has the unique capability of killing organisms that cause diseases and other complications through the simple act of oxidation. When it comes to natural sanitizers, not only is hydrogen peroxide considered to be the highest-rated and most effective, it is also considered to be the safest. When this amazing substance reacts with organic-based materials, it immediately transforms into both water and oxygen. If you are looking for ways to live cheaply, the top tip to save money is to stock up and use hydrogen peroxide! In this guide, you will be introduced to 10 tips to save money by using hydrogen peroxide. 1. Whiten Whites and Remove Stubborn […]

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Diva Cup-date — the menstrual cup after one year

Last May, I took Crunchy Chicken’s Diva Cup Challenge and switched over to using the Diva Cup to manage my menstrual period. I blogged about my experience using the Diva Cup for the first couple of months. The post has been read more than 4,000 times and garnered dozens of comments, many with helpful advice of their own. Now, one year later, it seems like an excellent time to review my progress since then.